Woodsboro High School

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The Lady Eaglets participated in the Austwell Tivoli Jr High Basketball tournament. The Lady Eaglets placed first with a championship victory over Victoria Faith Academy by the score of 50 to 18.

Lady Eaglets Austwell-Tivoli Jr High Basketball Tournament Winners!!!  
Kaylee Vega, Christyana Tully, Hailey Allen, Faith Arnold, Kalynn Vega, Maddie Niemann, Kira Meacham, L'EMAY Thompson, Kenzie Scott, Tonya Rodriguez, Reah Patel, Miranda Mead, Coach Jaime Cano, (Not pictured Coach Amy Hall)

JH Boys Basketball Austwell-Tivoli Tournament Winners!!!
Colton Wiginton, Luke Poland, Robert Jo Weitzel, TK Morgan, Rance Bolcik, Tag Silvas, & Ramon Garcia

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